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SteveX 09 Jul 2018

I am looking at taking our two bikes from Lancaster to Barrow in Furness. You cannot reserve a bike space. There is only space for two bikes. Does this usually cause problems.

Stig 09 Jul 2018
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Hardonicus 09 Jul 2018
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They used to have a two bike max rule on the Huddersfield to Sheffield line, but there's regularly 5 bikes on there and seems fine. Not sure whether that extends to other Northern Fail lines.

spenser 09 Jul 2018
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If you're not travelling before 9AM (or are travelling before 07:30) you should be alright. The trains used on the line are all relatively small (and often inappropriately diagrammed to busy commuter services) so if you're travelling during a busy period you won't make yourself popular. Make yourselves known to someone at the platform and they should point you to the right point for the bike storage area on the train ensuring that you don't get pipped to the post by anyone else who may turn up (not that likely really).


greg_may_ 09 Jul 2018
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Should be fine. 

I'd be more worried about the train actually turning up. Northern Fail are horrendous, one of the reasons I've changed job after 4 years dealing with their "service" to Manchester.

Whoopdeedoo 09 Jul 2018
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There generally only 2 carriages and one end is dedicated to bikes. 

I’ve seen more than 2 on before, infact I have been on with more than 2 myself (me and the kids).

The staff are pretty accomodating.

SteveX 16 Jul 2018
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Well this is terrible, nothing to complain about. Bought ticket at reasonable price via app. Staff, both station and on train, very pleseant and helpful. Train on time, well a minute late, but hey.

Interestingly there were 4 places for bikes on my train and the staff said could use the disabled at the other end, if no disable folks needing it, however if a disabled person needed it, the bike would be off. The system does seem daft, but I suspect its a good work around, though it does seem off putting at first.

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cander 16 Jul 2018
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Probably a good idea to take a bike on Northern trains, so you can continue your journey once the train breaks down or doesn’t even leave the station.

malk 16 Jul 2018
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my biggest worry when taking a bike are missing connections to reserved parts of the journey. eg 15min connection time - train arrives 10min late so only a matter of time before i miss getting to platform in time. has anyone experienced this? i'm guessing technically you would have to buy a new standard ticket however you missed it?


elliot.baker 16 Jul 2018
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I'm 99.99999% sure that if you miss a connection because of a delay you can get on the next service. That just feels right to me. I'm sure I've done it before.

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