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Bean - on 19 Jan 2019

Around the 10th of november last year I fell off a bouldering wall and had displaced fracture of the medial epicondyle.

I had surgery with a screw put in to assist growth. I then had a cast for around 8 weeks. I got the cast off around week before christmas(I'm hoping the weeks add up here). I've practically got the same movement as my other elbow now.

If anyone has had this to them or knows about this I'd appreciate any advice to getting back into climbing and how long you think before I can start climbing (with both arms preferably).

And if it matters I am 16

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Toby Dunn - on 20 Jan 2019
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I'd see a physio in person if I were you, and get some specific strengthening advice. It's very unlikely you would have any issues starting climbing now; obviously start on easy, less than vertical ground and increase difficulty and steepness very gradually. Good luck. 

pwo - on 20 Jan 2019
In reply to Bean:

I had a fracture/dislocation plus radial decompression on my elbow and I was climbing again shortly after the plaster removed. I chose routes well within my capabilities and which I'd climbed before so I didn't over stress my injury and could adjust my 'style' to the injury. I note your age so you should heal considerably quicker (I was in my 50s). I've had no issues with movement or function and just built up strength and flexibility gradually. Now nearer 70 and still no problems. One of the most stupid injuries I've ever inflicted on myself. 


This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.