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MarionG on 10 May 2018


Hi everyone,

I am looking for a bouldering partner keen to go bouldering outdoor. Little preference for South England since I live in South London and I don't own a car, but happy to discover climbing spots in the North London. I'd like to go on weekends or after work on long summer days.  Train + cycle/walk to the spot.

I'm not an amazing climber, I've been bouldering for years (I'm 29) but on and off depending on work, location, and availability of partners. I climb V2-V3, working on V4 the good days.

I feel frustrated to climb indoor in summer but don't have enough courage to go outdoor by myself! Let me know if you feel the same and we can team up to solve this


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Matze92 - on 15 May 2018
In reply to MarionG: Hey Marion, 

I'm very interested. Where do you live, where do you usually climb indoors? I am not the best climber as well and climb something between V4-V5. I have not a lot of outdoor experience, but I want to improve my climbing skills and therefore the next step is outdoor climbing. I am from Austria but live in London now for more than a half year. 


I have a driving license but no car, so alternatively renting a car is another possibility, but I am also happy to go there by train or whatever comes in our mind .  


Padli8 on 11 Jun 2018
In reply to MarionG:

Hi guys, I started climbing recently in Bermondsey’s The Arch centres, I really enjoy it but in this great weather I’d love to be outside. I don’t have any equipments and not sure if Im strong enough yet for real rocks, but would like to join you if you happen to go this weekend, even if I it just for a nice hike.

Please keep me posted, if there was any space for me to join too.


Aniko whatsapp: 07525791108

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.