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Andrew Kin - on 09 May 2017
Probably been asked before but I am after suggestions for easy to get to bouldering locations with a pretty good variety of climbs.

The back story is that I have apretty good climbing 10yr old daughter who, tbh before the weekend had little interest in climbing outdoors. We had done a week in Font and a long weekend in Wales before that but tbh it wasn't getting her too excited compared with indoors. Took her to Badger rock at the weekend for a day of sun and climbing and she was visably taken with it. I want to capitalise on the enthusiasm when I can.

We basically need somewhere that hasn't got much more than 10-15min walk in. Climbs that her dad can easily and safely spot on and enough range of difficulty that she can stretch herself if needs be.

I had considered the Bowder Stone but I am not sure if the difficulty level will be too high
TheGeneralist - on 09 May 2017
In reply to Thelittlesthobo:

Chapel Stile was pretty good with the sprogs.

Alternatively, would some wet scrambling be a good bet for later in the year. Our kids are/were totally ambivalent about climbing. They enjoyed trips to 'bleau but not much enthusiasm for other formal climbing.

But over the last few years we've done a few scrambles and they absolutely love it. Like properly love it. Last Whitsun was a glorious succession of lovely watery beck scrambles culminating in the Upper Esk Gorge.

Swim across a pool, climb a short waterfall without a rope, fall in, laugh, swim, climb it again (properly), traverse across another crystal clear pool, fall in, swim, climb a lovely clean rocky buttress, picnic lunch, climb waterfall using a rope, climb buttress next to waterfall with rope, another amazing pool etc
Andrew Kin - on 09 May 2017
In reply to TheGeneralist:

Thanks for the suggestion. Not sure if she would be up for that tbh. It all sounds great but I know she can get a bit 'princess' when she finds out water isn't heated and crystal clear. I like the sound of it and have suggested gyhll scrambling to both kids before but it was met with a resounding NO.

plyometrics - on 09 May 2017
In reply to Thelittlesthobo:
I can't think of any locations that really fit your criteria.

The nearest place that's a great day out and has a real spread of nice problems with good landings is Thorn Crag. Not quite the Lakes, but a great venue close by.

Walk in is a bit longer than you're after, probably about 20 mins as a 10 year old. Great picnic spot with superb views too.

Without knowing how hard your daughter climbs, I'd guess the bowderstone will be way too hard.

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Mick r - on 09 May 2017
In reply to Thelittlesthobo:

Brant Fell is pretty good for traversing and low straight up problems

Brant Fell#maps

easy walk in and you can make the problems as easy or as difficult as you like

Andrew Kin - on 09 May 2017
In reply to plyometrics:

We don't pay much attention to grades but I would say shes as good as any other 10yr old around. She is however very inexperienced outdoors. One of the major plusses at the weekend was how mature she was in looking at the climbs. Telling me how she was going to do them then if and when she didn't, she could assess the alternative options. I want her to have somewhere she can complete a few climbs within her comfort zone but then move on if she decides to raise the bar.
phleppy on 09 May 2017
In reply to Thelittlesthobo:

Eskdale Fisherground and Dunnerdale are great venues that I'd recommend and hope to get back to soon, though Eskdale will hold more easier problems, Carrock is always good and is a very short walk in!
Andrew Kin - on 09 May 2017
In reply to Mick r:

Brant fell looks nice and safe and variety. Thanks
Andrew Kin - on 09 May 2017
In reply to Thelittlesthobo:

I haven't used the crag search feature before but I have just searched Eskdale Fisherground. Is that all I have to do on the other suggestions you guys have made? Thanks for the suggestions, please keep them coming
Jon Stewart - on 09 May 2017
In reply to Thelittlesthobo:

You'll have to pick and choose a bit, but Carrock Fell has no walk-in. It's a bit of a jumble so you'll need to keep your eye on what's going on. You'll be able to find plenty of low, safe bits amongst the dodgy landings and highballs.
siwid - on 09 May 2017
In reply to Thelittlesthobo:

Langdale Boulders? Not loads to go at but good spread of grades with mostly flat landings and a 1 minute walk in.
Tommyfatlad on 17 May 2017
In reply to Thelittlesthobo:

Hutton Roof ....... I will admit that some might argue its not the lakes but a stones throw from Kendal...... lovely limestone edge with loads to go at, good landings and not much of a walk in.
I will admit its been a few years since ive been so please check, access, livestock, birds etc but as I remember a lovely venue with no issues going back a few years.

also don't dismiss Badger Rock and surrounding circuit as well as the kentmere !? kentdale!? valley boulders

Langdale boulders are good, roadside and quality problems ( bottom of bottom boulder can get soggy after rain )

Chappel style circuit - again good but I found it takes some navigating, best to follow a local.

enjoy. TFL

Jon Stewart - on 17 May 2017
In reply to Tommyfatlad:

> Hutton Roof ...

I went for the first time the other day and I have to say I thought it was shite.

Limestone bouldering is without exception an utterly joyless experience, but highballing on horrific polish is really not my bag! And the grades there? That classic problem up the scoop on no holds, all polished to death was meant to be 6a or something? If it wasn't already an awful crag, sandbag grades just serve to compound the misery of climbing there.

That said, it is a pretty spot, it's just the climbing that's totally shite.
Tommyfatlad on 18 May 2017
In reply to Jon Stewart:

Well folks, I think its safe to say if you do get to Hutton Roof you wont be bumping in to Mr Stewart !

I suppose it wouldn't do if we all liked the same....................... horses for courses and all that

Andrew Kin - on 18 May 2017
In reply to Thelittlesthobo:

Haha, thanks for the suggestions guys. Appreciated, even if not everyone agrees on whats fun or not.

danm on 18 May 2017
In reply to Thelittlesthobo:

I'd second the recommendation for Langdale Boulders - great problems, no walk in and good landings/easy to spot. Nice picnic spot as well. With a bit more effort you can access the Chapel Stile circuit up the hillside, but there is probably enough in the V0-V5 bracket to engage most first time visitors at the boulders.
robin mueller - on 18 May 2017
In reply to Thelittlesthobo:

Another non Lakes suggestion, but it's not far away. Great Stone of Fourstones is a nice boulder just 30sec from the car. A good hour or two of fun, with various lower grade problems and a stone stairway descent. Go in a dry spell when the ground isn't boggy.
stu84 - on 18 May 2017
In reply to Thelittlesthobo:

Carrock Fell near the A66 is a good choice. No walk in, stunning location, plenty to do at all grades. Ground stays quite wet after bad weather but rock is good. Rock is Gabbro so a bit hard on the hands but don't let that put you off. Best write up is in lake district bouldering guide but is on this site and in some other guides.
sam.sam.sam.ferguson - on 18 May 2017
In reply to Thelittlesthobo:

Go to Brant Fell. Brilliant place for a kid.

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