/ Do Scarpa Boostics stretch much?

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JBO on 07 Sep 2013
I'm after a new down turned shoe, so I tried the Boostics on and preferred the fit to the Dragons which I used to wear.

As they are going to be used mostly for sport climbing, should I buy the tightest pair I could fit on (which were painful to walk in) and hope that they stretch, or buy a half size bigger and lose a bit of edging ability?

Cheers, Jake
Brian Pollock - on 07 Sep 2013
In reply to Joughton:

Get them tight, mine stretched quite a lot though they are quite painful when putting them on from cold during the break in period. I found keeping them warm helped a lot.

I found the edging to be the best part of this shoe and the heel to be pretty crap so definitely size them small to make the most of the edge.
owennewcastle - on 08 Sep 2013
In reply to Joughton: on second pair now. Comfiest shoe i bought. I get the right size so that heal fits perfectly. I can get smaller sizes on but the heal wont sit properly (too low down). I havnt noticed much stretch in older pair. Edging fine on newer pair but older pair a bit rounded so not so good.
cha1n on 08 Sep 2013
In reply to Joughton:

Are you not concerned about having soles that are as stiff as boards? Sorry that this isn't helpful to your original question!

I think the instinct VS as a similar fit but at least they aren't TOO stiff...
Ally Smith on 08 Sep 2013
In reply to Joughton: Boostic's strecth 1/2 size during the breaking in period. They soften up too, whilst retaining a good lateral stiffness for standing on UK sport lime edges. Boosters are stiff the better shoe IMHO though.

On the flip side, my Dragons were never stiff enough for that and only ever get used on Spanish trips. Horses for courses...
JBO on 08 Sep 2013
In reply to cha1n: I can't get the instinct VS on! No idea why, they just don't feel as snug... but I have a nice, very well broken in pair of Anasazi Blanco's which serve me nicely on less edgy routes.
JBO on 08 Sep 2013
In reply to C Chestwig; Treacherous climber: Agreed, I never used the Dragons in the UK apart from for bouldering, they only got used on steep Euro sport.

I'll probably go for the smaller size, and hope they stretch enough to make them wearable on some longer routes.
Michael Ryan - on 08 Sep 2013
In reply to Joughton:

I got mine to fit (comfy) and they didn't stretch. Apparently the Lorica has memory.

A fantastic shoe for all types of climber and climbing. They fit like a glove all around your foot and give lots of support and hence precision.

Instinct Slipper 2's are great too.
mike reed - on 12 Sep 2013
In reply to Joughton:

Agree with most comments.
Mine are street size and fit everywhere well. No stretch noticed at all and have happily climbed in them in the hot summer.
They are an amazing shoe, so comfy, yet brilliantly accurate to place and stick on the smallest of nothing holds!!!

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