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samatristudios - on 14 Jun 2017
Hi so a quick question here about my middle left finger. Was climbing last summer really well and was attempting a route indoors with a large mover where you roll over left handed to a flat crimp/edge (somewhere in between) and I basically crushed my middle finger in between all of the others and my full weight went down on it. I felt a weird sensation not like tendons being damaged (trust me I know what that feels like) but something like the start of a crack or a pop in the central joint. I quickly re adjusted my grip and finished the climb. (If you're gonna get injured go out sending amiright) So yeah this was like a year ago and my joint is still dodgy. I can still full crimp and drag however I do have issues where the joint feels so weak when I go on very large slopers or if I mono on the left hand. In fact monos on the left hand make the finger feel like it is going to come off at the joint or something. No sharp pain though just a severe unpleasant weak feeling in the middle joint and a dull ache after a long session. Sometimes when I clench and un-clench my fist there is a tiny little click that seems to go from my middle joint to the end of my finger.

It clicks now so I can do that horrendous thing where I can click my middle left finger by pushing it in. But before the click there's a bit of a squelch. Fluid build up, maybe? I'm so confused as to what it is and given that its stuck around for so long I might have dome something bad and not realized?

Its not stopped me climbing but its certainly stopped me getting my fingers any stronger on my left arm.

Let me know what you think
Alun - on 15 Jun 2017

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.