/ First Albarracin Trip - Any Tips?

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afx22 - on 27 Feb 2018

Hi All,

A bunch of us are heading to Albarracin in a few weeks.  It'll be our first trip there.  Our abilities ranges from F4 to F7a, or thereabouts.  I might be getting a couple of easy trail runs in too....

Does anyone have any tips on how to make the most of the area?  Any things to avoid?


Fishmate - on 28 Feb 2018
In reply to afx22:

You'll be spoilt for choice. Try as many of the crags as you can. They all have their own style. Don't over trash your fingers. Once your skin is bad, take a rest day (unless you are only there for a couple of days). One to two pads will do most problems, especially if you have spotters. 3 or 4 are good on the highballs. Other than that, the usual rules apply. Don't climb when wet (the locals allow a day to dry, maybe longer this time of year).

As for running, per a mountain trail runner who competes in Spain, it is good for mileage and general short stuff but not good if you are looking for altitude. There are some very nice trails all around the town. Enjoy, at F6-7A there are some great classic problems at each sector. I'd recommend the Desnivel guidebook. It has better coverage and locating the blocs seems easier.

afx22 - on 28 Feb 2018
In reply to Fishmate:

Thanks for that.  All sounds good.  Cheers.

AnaisB - on 09 Mar 2018
In reply to afx22:

When is it you go?  We're heading out early April so I'd be glad of any tips.  My next task is to see how easy it'd be to hire pads, although were there for bank holidays so think I'll end up taking my own.

Sherlock - on 10 Mar 2018
In reply to AnaisB:

Hiring pads is super easy,just get in touch with Sofa Boulder in Albarracin.We hired a couple,think it was around E75 for a week.Decent pads too!

Can't see why a bank holiday would be a problem,she was on holiday when we hired, all arrangements done by email.She also has excellent English if your Spanish is crap like mine......


AnaisB - on 10 Mar 2018
In reply to Sherlock:

Great - thanks for that info.  I was partly procrastinating because of the effort of trying to google translate my messages into Spanish.  I'll drop her an email today.

afx22 - on 22 Mar 2018
In reply to AnaisB:

I've been back a couple of days now...

Hiring pads was dead easy - we hired 2 x Organic Big Pads at 5 EUR each for 6 days (so 120 EUR total, between 6 of us).  The guys at Sofa Boulder were really helpful and friendly.  You might need to ring them but one of the ladies lives only 2 minutes around the corner.  They don't open until 10:30am.  Cool little shop.

The scenery and climbing were amazing.  Make sure you at least get to Arrastradero and Techos - maybe have two days at the former.

The 'walk in's are all pleasant and range from just a couple of minutes to maybe 15 mins or so (Techos).

The guidebooks are poor - the older one (Boulder Albarracin) being much better than the new one (Albarracin Bouldering).

Loads of great climbing from 6A and well into the 7's (not that I got any 7's).  Generally the grading seems slightly soft but that might be that it suited my style.  However, I had a great time just pulling on any climb that looked like fun.  There's loads of overhanging, juggy problems.  More roofs than you can imagine.  Only a few problems are suffering from too much traffic (unlike Font).

Albarracin itself is stunning.  Make sure you make time to go exploring.

I can't wait to go back.

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