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Steve5543 on 02 Jul 2018


I was wondering if anyone had camped at Camping Les Pres in Grez in the last few weeks. I keep reading reviews that make it sound really basic in the toilet/shower block. I'm fairly happy with basic "posh" bothy facilities but not so much when I'm paying for the privilege. I know it's 2 star so am I being a bit precious or good to go? 

Many thanks

Murfle on 02 Jul 2018
In reply to Steve5543:

It's not the fanciest, and it's a little dated  but as long as you use the facilities upstairs theyre clean and functional. Which is reasonable considering you're paying about £4.50 a night

The bakery in the village is also excellent. 

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Steve5543 on 02 Jul 2018
In reply to Murfle:

Cheers. Much appreciated.

Eve.G - on 02 Jul 2018
In reply to Steve5543:

We were there a month ago. Basic, but we really liked it.  Then again, we are used to sleeping on lay-bys 

It has a pizza man in a van who makes pizzas on real wood fire in his van. My 7 year old loved the place as it had a free trampoline and a giant chess set :D

Somerset swede basher - on 09 Jul 2018
In reply to Steve5543:

We moved to Les Pres last summer after one noisy night at Musardier (spelling?) where feral kids were on the loose 'til 2am and the facilities were filthy.  Got on much better at Les Pres and my wife (who has high campsite standards) was happy there.  As said above, its dated but was clean and friendly and my little boy loved the trampoline and chess set too. 

TheGeneralist - on 09 Jul 2018
In reply to Eve.G:

Yup. We always go to grez if we can as it's nicer in many respects. Especially if the weather is marginal. Grez is a lovely sunny open grassy field

 Musardiere can be a bit of a dank dingy hollow if the weather isn't good.

Facilities at grez are great with the key exception of the toilets. They're generally Turkish style. Or pans with no seats which really pissed me off.

PS count your change from the pizza man. He makes a fair bit on the side by short changing people deliberately and then acting surprised if you challenge him

In reply to Steve5543:

We gave this place a try last year and found it's way nicer than Grez, and quite a bit nicer than Musardiere. Musardiere has become rip off. The noisy road and seatless toilets (why?!) got annoying at Grez.

Getting a gite normally works out cheaper than camping, so obviously do that if you can. If not I'd recommend Boulancourt over the other 2.

In reply to Steve5543:

I've stayed at Les Prez loads. Definitely recommended. The facilities are clean and tidy and pretty cheap to be honest.

Steve5543 on 23 Jul 2018
In reply to Steve5543:

Thanks all.

Decent campsite. Paid about 90 euros for the week for a pitch with electricity plus 22 euros for a weeks wifi (decent signal). Pitch pretty big and private. Facilities as discussed really. Better upstairs. Pizza ok get order in early. Good swimming in the river and plenty of options for running as well.

Bakers in village very good. The bar was hysterical. Good buses from Grez. Single to Font town 2 euro. 

Well placed for climbing if you have a car.  

Trangia on 23 Jul 2018
In reply to Steve5543:

As has been said the facilities are basic but clean. Over the years the foot pad "squat" toilets have gradually been replaced by normal WC pans, although only a few had seats last time I was there. The showers are ok, although at busy times hot water can run out.

I would advise you to avoid French, Belgium and Dutch Public Holiday weekends when it gets exceedingly busy (as do the Rocks)

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