/ Font: Le Dernier des Geants at Mont Pivot 7a

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ti_pin_man - on 05 Dec 2018

For next years trip to Font I've been investigating (AKA google/youtube/bleau) climbs I might try and this one appeals, a high ball slabby thing (I watched a video of duel and then slapped myself). 

Le Dernier des Géants (f7A)

As with anything you cant really see from the videos or pictures if this slab has any pinpoint edges or actually most of it is smears, it does look like there's enough edge on the footholds to push on with the right shoes but I thought I'd ask here and see if anybody has done this one and can help advise?  

before then I will need new shoes and if this one is a polished glass surface with few edges I may head for a different pair of shoes than my usual Solutions. 

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SDM on 05 Dec 2018
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Can't help with the specific problem but the solution (ha!) is to have a smearing shoe and an edging shoe. It costs twice as much but they last twice as long.

Then you'll be needing a comfy all day/training shoe, a heelhooking shoe, a toehooking shoe, a baggy deforming heelhooking shoe for those special fiveten heelhooks etc etc.

I think I have a problem...

ti_pin_man - on 06 Dec 2018
In reply to ti_pin_man:

Hmm, a couple of pairs of shoes isnt a problem, xmas is coming ... but then it becomes a thread about : which shoes for slabs and descends into edges v's smears. 

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