/ Good bouldering spot in Europe accessible by public transport

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escostar - on 10 Feb 2013
Wondering if anyone knew of a decent bouldering spot somewhere in Spain or Italy (also interested in hearing about any other places in Europe with good weather) that's accessible by public transport? Cheap accommodation and somewhere close to possibly rent a boulder pad would be a bonus. Need enough problems to keep me busy for a week
Honrei - on 10 Feb 2013
In reply to escostar:
Magic Wood.. You can get a bus to the crag. Plenty of people getting there that way.
Alfrede - on 17 Feb 2013
Try Targassonne in the Pyrenees Oriental. You can get there by bus from Perpignan for 1 euro. Second most extensive bouldering area in France after Font. The guide available locally for 25 euros has 1100 recorded routes within easy walking distance, though there is a great deal of info on the net too, so just google if you are mean. Area is the sunniest in the Pyrenees with lovely mountain outlook but high enough to be cool. Under snow at the moment after huge fall but will be gorgeous in the spring. Lots of accommodation as it is a big skiing and walking area. Many adventure sports agencies around so a mat should be no problem. If you manage the 1100 problems recorded so far in a week there are a million other boulders in the area to invent your own. Have fun, Alf Robertson.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.