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Stevasaurus - on 28 Aug 2018

Hi everyone,

I've recently discovered the bouldering at Grinshill with the help of the Boulder Britain guide book and had a really enjoyable day up there yesterday having a look round. I was able to find some of the main boulders, but the book is very limited with regards to established problems.

I've heard talk of a Shropshire Bouldering guide that's out of print/no longer available - just wondered if anyone has a copy they'd like to sell on (or possibly share a photo or two?) or could point me towards any other sources of info?

I was able to identify a few more problems using YouTube/Vimeo, but the place seems to have massive potential and I imagine what I've looked at so farfis just the tip of the iceberg.

Any information/help gratefully received! 

Thanks, Steve

Stevasaurus - on 30 Aug 2018

Hi all, quick update for anyone else looking for the same information -

I’ve recently purchased a copy of Nick Dixon’s Nesscliffe guidebook, which includes a supplement of new routes added since time of publish. (This supplement also includes a couple of pages on Grinshill). Between the Boulder Britain guide and the Nesscliffe guide I’ve been able to gather some info on the following areas...

  • Pancake (Boulder Britain)
  • Crinkle Wall (Boulder Britain)
  • Pocket Wall (Boulder Britain)
  • Middle Rocks (Boulder Britain)
  • The Prow (Boulder Britain)
  • The Cave (Nescliffe Supplement)
  • Ass Creek (Boulder Britain)
  • Walls Left of Ass Creek (Nescliffe Supplement)

(I’ve also stumbled across Church Quarry and and identified some problems using Vimeo/YouTube)

As mentioned, the Boulder Britain guide is a bit sparse with regards to established problems so if anyone can direct me to any more detailed sources I’d be most grateful?

Im also yet to locate the following areas (taken from the ukc logbook) so if anyone can point me in the right direction with those I’d be much obliged!

  • Far Rocks (Dangerous Cliff, The Sugar Lump, The Doughnut, Roly Poly)
  • Conflict Wall
  • Bat Rocks
  • Room 101
  • Top Rocks
  • Oak Block

Thanks, Steve

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grady - on 31 Aug 2018
In reply to Stevasaurus:

From memory (been a while since I visited):

Conflict Wall - pretty much opposite the pancake

Room 101 - above the bottom  path. From Corbet woods parking head towards ass creek, a little way before you get there the path forks (almost turning back on yourself) .I can't remember exactly where you have to break off into the woods, but once you get to the bottom path, turn around and you should be able to see the crag.

Oak Block - Head out of Corbet Woods parking with the quarry on your left, After a little while you'll see Oak Block over the fence on your left. Pretty sure it lies within the quarry grounds so access is questionable at best.

On the way out to Oak Block there a few cool lines down the hillside on the right (spideman corner etc) including the long-standing VX project.


I've been toying with the idea of putting something out online now it doesn't look like the 2nd edition of the Shroshire bouldering guide will become a reality. Watch this space.....

Michael Hood - on 31 Aug 2018
In reply to Stevasaurus:

Don't know the area so this may not be relevant, but would suggest waiting for bracken to die down and the leaves to drop.

Then you'll have much better chance of seeing things and tucking them away into your memory for when they're hidden.

Stevasaurus - on 31 Aug 2018
In reply to grady:

Thank you very much for that @grady - very useful!

I'll have to head back up for another wander round, though I'll probably steer clear of Oak Block itself to be on the safe side. Thanks for sharing!

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johncoxmysteriously - on 01 Sep 2018
In reply to Stevasaurus:

I’m sure you’ve already tried UKB, but there have been lots of threads there about this in the past.



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