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alexrp - on 28 May 2013
Going bouldering on grit in a few weeks time. I've never been on grit before so really looking forward to it. What are the best areas/easy problems? I'll try up to V2ish. Prefer not too high and without terrible landings! Thanks.
Siderunner - on 28 May 2013
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Been a related thread quite recently on here. Try burbage south boulders. Or get the BMC stanage guidebook and try one of the circuits in there, the heather circuit at apparent north is good fun, to the right of the popular end.
jkarran - on 28 May 2013
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BossHog - on 28 May 2013
In reply to alexrp: Stanage Platation/Burbage South Boulders
jules699 - on 28 May 2013
In reply to alexrp: If you are able to venture northern peak I'd advise Buckstones. Plenty of easy bouldering with grassy flat landings but some hard ones for spice plus AMAZING views. An ice cream van at the car park...which is cupla minutes from the bouldering - win win!
alexrp - on 31 May 2013
Thanks guys. I will definitely be trying Stanage as my mate suggested going there and he's driving. But we'll be in the area for a few days so hopefully get chance to try some of the other venues too. Cheers again. I'll let you know how we get on.
dr_botnik - on 31 May 2013
In reply to alexrp: Stanage plantation has alot of highballs with generally good landings. Apparent North has a lot of easy routes to solo and a good beginner circuit, though the easier circuit at the plantation has alot more walking involved.
burbage north is quick and convienient, but is more suited to soloing, but there are some absolute gems at the slightly harder grades.
burbage south boulders packs alot of different stuff in, all on nicely sized blocks of rock with generally good landings, well worth a visit.
The stuff at cratcliff/robin hoods tor is quite good at the lower grades and you'll find alot to do considering its quite a small area.
For a bit more diversity you could either go along frogatt to curbar, or (better) do curbar to baslow; baslow has quite a good easy circuit in the BMC guides and is so close to curbar you'd be easily able to fit a bit of both in.

Bit of a shame that the temperatures are a too high really for ideal conditions, you'll probably find mornings and evenings are better times to try hard stuff, although at v1/v2 you should still find alot to go at.

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