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Andy Sheridan - on 12 Jul 2017
Has anyone used the Mad Rock R3 Pad Crashpad?
I'm looking at it as an alternative to the Moon Warrior.
Although it is quite a bit heavier I like the way it should lay over uneven surfaces.
SDM on 12 Jul 2017
In reply to Andy Sheridan:

That looks like the Mad Rock pad that I landed on a couple of times when trying a problem with someone else at the crag.

If it is the same pad, I wouldn't touch it with somebody else's bargepole. When landing close to the joins between the different sections, the join folded in offering almost no protection. It felt like an ankle injury would be the inevitable outcome if you used it for long. Imagine a hinged pad with large hinges every few inches.

It might have a function for flattening out landings when used below another layer of pads but it was useless as the top layer.

The Snap quarter pounder is good for filling in gaps; it is a large pad but it splits in to two so it has the versatility to be used as a decent sized normal pad or to fill in gaps for uneven landings or traverses. On the downside, its carrying system doesn't make it easy to carry gear folded inside the mat if you tend to do that.

Or maybe some of the designs with two or three folds that are popular in France.
Andy Sheridan - on 20 Jul 2017
In reply to SDM:

Thanks for the feedback.
This is the pad in question:
It was on offer at Bergzeit, but no UK retailer seems to stock it, and I can't bring myself to buy without trying.
So I think a Moon Warrior instead.
barney800 on 20 Jul 2017
In reply to Andy Sheridan:

Some friends of mine have one of these, typically used in combination with other pads. It's great for covering corners and for levelling out other uneven landings. I also quite like it when I end up falling onto my side or back rather than my feet (there are a lot of caves round here) as I don't seem to slide off it as much. I prefer the feel of regular pads when I'm landing upright, although I've never really felt unstable landing on the R3. I've never used it alone on high problems though.

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