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moderatemat on 30 Aug 2011 -
although i've been trad and sport climbing for years, due to relocation and being billy no climbing-mates, i've taken up bouldering when i can get into the peak. My question is this; i have a franklin climbing mat ( i think they have ben bought out by someone now) i dont feel i use it properly - as in it seems a bit small to be any use - often i just use no mat. So what is the optimal size mat or is it better to have two mats to be able to place them in strategic points - i always find (to my slight distress, that when gripped on a climb and look down the mat does not seem to be where i thought i would need it) any advice?
Ellis Butler-Barker - on 30 Aug 2011
In reply to moderatemat: The more mats the better really. But I only use one mat that is 100 x 114 x 10 cm and it is okay for me. But it depends on how big you are and how brave you are.

Ellis :D
Fluvial - on 30 Aug 2011
In reply to moderatemat:

Size is relative to height - you take a normal size mat like say the alpkit phud to pex hill and it looks small from high up - but that's it. The Wmoof which I have as a spare is tiny from any height.

2 is better than 1 though much harder to carry -

Where have you relocated to? As I often go upto the Peak alone.
Beardyman - on 06 Sep 2011
In reply to moderatemat: If you are soloing you may find one mat if not much use apart for near the start. For things of a more modest height try and consider where the hard moves are and in which direction you may fall. If you fall off and miss the mat you know where to move it to! Sometimes I will put the pad over a rock/boulder that could cause injury rather then where you actually land.
I have 2 mats and find carrying them OK unless it's really windy, it's great to have a spare one to pad out uneven landing zones.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.