/ New Pad - Ocun dominator or Alpkit Project?

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SFrancis 14 Mar 2019

Looking at investing in a new pad, as my current one is well past its "best by", and the last few sessions have been unnecessarily exciting.

The two I am currently considering are the OCUN dominator, and the Alpkit Project, similar price ~£200. I have heard very good things regarding the dominator, and was pretty well set, then noticed Alpkit's offering. I quite often find myself on my own when bouldering, and tend to like highballs. The different internal structure of the dominator sounds interesting compared to standard foam, but does it make that much difference?

Just wondering if there was anyone who had tried both, or had any opinions? Also, any other pad suggestions welcome.

danm 14 Mar 2019
In reply to SFrancis:

I've used the Dominator. It's a very thick pad, quite bulky but extremely light. The impact absorption is fantastic due to the air channel system, and I wish I'd tried one out before I bought my own pad from a different manufacturer. As far as all-rounders go I think it's hard to beat, see the pad review on here for a detailed review.

Lemony 14 Mar 2019
In reply to danm: agree with all that, except I do have one. It’s had a fair bit of use and still in great nick. Would buy again.

krank 14 Mar 2019
In reply to SFrancis:

the dominator is the best pad ive ever owned by a country mile and seems like it will last forever. I highly recommend it

ChrisBrooke 14 Mar 2019
In reply to SFrancis:

Can't comment on the new Project (although I have an old-style Alpkit pad which is still great...) but the OCUN is superb. Being able to unzip it in two different directions is great for going upwards or sideways, the included foot wiping mat is useful and the landing is very nice. I usually take both out with me as I'm a big scaredy cat. The Alpkit Project looks great - massive and plush and UK made.... I'd get both  

SFrancis 15 Mar 2019
In reply to danm, Lemony, krank, ChrisBrooke:

Thanks for the replies. It sounds pretty unanimous, I was pretty set on the Dominator anyway. I've been impressed with all of my Alpkit purchases so far so I was willing to entertain the idea but I needed a pretty persuasive argument to change my mind.

AlanLittle 15 Mar 2019
In reply to SFrancis:

Another vote for "I have the Ocun & am very happy with it", but have never seen the Alpkit

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