/ Access to Kyloe in the Woods

SteveSBlake 30 Jan 2020

Timber operations at Kyloe In have finished and access is no longer restricted. Please use the agreed route in and out and avoid restricting access to the gate and its approach when parking.



David L 20 Feb 2020
In reply to SteveSBlake:

Is that confirmed Steve? I went up on Tuesday and there was still a sign on the gate saying access closed and a flat bed waggon passing through collecting some of the felled timber. There didn’t look to be much left to collect though, so maybe just finishing off.

Eric9Points 20 Feb 2020
In reply to SteveSBlake:

Is the crag still in the woods or have the trees around it been felled?

Lemony 20 Feb 2020
In reply to Eric9Points:

Trees around the crag haven't been felled and the no access sign has been there the whole time so I wouldn't worry about that.

SteveSBlake 22 Feb 2020
In reply to David L:

I spoke with Scottish Woodlands prior to posting the original notice..... As far as they are concerned access to the crag via the agreed route is not an issue. I suspect the contractors have either forgotten to remove the sign. 

Eric9Points 22 Feb 2020
In reply to Lemony:

Good, thanks.

It's sheltered nature is one of its attractions. It would have been a pity if it had been left exposed to the worst of the weather.

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