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Avon... Suspension Bridge Arête

 Fakey Rocks 05 Jun 2020

Suspension Bridge Arête (HVS 5a)

Please avoid doing Suspension Bridge Arête until end of June as there is an unavoidable Jacdaws nest in at the top of the groove, with a juvenile that has yet to fly. As can possibly be seen currently from another route here, Baby Duck or Limbo, when climbers are careless about such issues the harassed parents might abandon it or not be able to feed/hydrate the chick enough and it will die. 

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 Fakey Rocks 05 Jun 2020
In reply to Fakey Rocks:

According to logs there may also be a another nest in the route to the right, Suspense, so probably best avoid both until July , difficult I know, as they are both the main lower grade attraction here,or psyche-warm-up for harder routes.

Really interesting stuff... 


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