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Euan Todd on 15 Apr 2018

Baggy Point

Hi, looking for a bit of local knowledge on this one.  I'll be down in Croyde this weekend and I was hoping to get out to Baggy Point, so I checked the RAD which says that the seasonal restriction (15th March - 30th June) is no longer extant on Long Rock Slab and the Promontory.

However, a friend was down there recently and said there were signs up about the seasonal restriction, but wasn't sure if they applied to certain areas or not.

Basically, does anyone have more up-to-date information on the access situation at Baggy Point right now?

Any help is much appreciated!



DredStripe - on 15 Apr 2018
In reply to Euan Todd:

Hey Euan,

Long rock and The promontory, where the majority of good routes are, are unrestricted.


Euan Todd on 15 Apr 2018
In reply to DredStripe:

Yasss, cheers mate!  If you're in the area and fancy getting a couple of routes in let me know!  It's not a climbing trip as such (mate's birthday weekend) but still want to get something done.


DredStripe - on 15 Apr 2018
In reply to Euan Todd:


will keep an eye on tides and weather.

James Mann - on 16 Apr 2018
In reply to Euan Todd:

RAD info is correct. I will ask the N Devon rep to liaise with the NT and see if we can do something about the confusing signage. 

James Mann