/ Beeston Tor nest falcons restricted access?

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olddirtydoggy 21 Aug 2019

We had a wander up to Beeston Tor today and found branches blocking the path and signs requesting climbers check the BMC site as nesting birds were a concern. As far as we could tell on various sites, the restrictions finished in June but the signs are still up. We did a route up the Thorn and noticed a pair of falcons nesting in the cave above so backed off and went to a different part of the crag to avoid disturbing them.

It's a bit out of the way and quite a drive out for most people going over there so we're just wondering what the current advice on there is? Thanks to all involved with the birds and access info.

Simon Caldwell 21 Aug 2019
In reply to olddirtydoggy:

Are you sure they're still nesting? August would be incredibly late.

They do sometimes stay in the area after breeding season, so perhaps they were just resting?

Michael Hood 21 Aug 2019
In reply to Simon Caldwell:

Certainly for Peregrines, this year's young might hang about near the nest site waiting for mummy or daddy to come back with some grub (fun to watch as they dash out and virtually attack the parent), but it's very unlikely that the young haven't fledged already.

Not so sure about juvenile kestrel behaviour but they will have fledged as well by now.

andi turner 21 Aug 2019
In reply to olddirtydoggy:

Yeah, as far as I'm aware the signs are actually still there from last year. The birds are certainly still around (as of last week when I was there), but not nesting.

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