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 earthkeptwarm 25 Apr 2021

Was at coastguard south, Xavier's wall/bad moon rising area on Saturday 24th April. There were a family of seagulls nesting just beside Young at Heart and another group of fast moving darker feathered birds nesting just above them (couldn't get an Coastguard SouthYoung at Heart (6a+)ID but possibly birds of prey given their speed and flow). There were definitely some young ones and they were all very active across the sector.

Is this an appropriate place to make a notification about this? What is the general best practice for communicating/reporting nesting birds at crags?

From the reactions of a few other teams in the area, do people typically not worry if the birds are seagulls? Is there a hierarchy of what birds are ok to disturb and what are not?

Personally, walked away. It's their home first.

Interested in anyone's thoughts on this.

 nealh 06 May 2021
In reply to earthkeptwarm:

Hello Your best location to report is the BMC database, however bear in mind not all birds are protected. The main species on Portland which is is Peregrines they tend to nest in breaks and holes in the top of the cliff. They are bigger than a kestrel with an obvious hooded head. What you most likely saw were guillimots or razorbills which nest all along Coastgard south as they need direct access to the water, ( abit like puffins) hope that helps

 Greylag 06 May 2021
In reply to nealh:

Technically they are and the two species you mentioned also shouldn't be disturbed whilst nesting despite not being protected to the level peregrines are.

 derryclimbs 06 May 2021
In reply to nealh:

Any bird that is nesting should have the right to let its chicks fledge in peace, no matter what state of protection us humans have classed them under.

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