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scope on 12 May 2018

Is it time that the BMC stops bickering amoungst itself and sends me my membership card?

I'm getting a bit tired of having to explain to shop staff why it is that I'm using an out of date card to try and get discount. For a lot of climbers, the only direct benifits of membership are discounts and liability insurance. Without a valid membership card how can I demonstrate to a land owner that I have the cover they require me to have to climb there, (Eg Cheddar)?

Graeme Alderson on 12 May 2018
In reply to scope:

Have you contacted them?

tom_in_edinburgh - on 12 May 2018
In reply to scope:

It takes a while for a couple of guys with black marker pens to score out 'Climb Britain' on 50,000 cards.

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Rob Parsons on 12 May 2018
In reply to Graeme Alderson:

Contacting them would only elicit the reply that the distribution of the membership cards has been delayed - along with the magazine - on account of the AGM business. That info's already been announced via email.

The problem that gives the OP (and many/all others) is that he/she no longer has a valid membership card.

spenser - on 16 May 2018
In reply to scope:

If you are a member of a BMC affiliated club you will likely have been issued with a membership card which will display the BMC logo which have previously worked for me with regards discounts.

I would argue that access arrangements, definitive guidebooks and huts are all significant benefits to BMC members which would not exist without the hard work of the BMC and its volunteers, clearly yes you can benefit from these without being a member but if everyone took that approach they would not exist.

Alex Messenger, BMC - on 17 May 2018
In reply to scope:

Hi. We've sorry for the delay in your club membership card. As has been said, this year's AGM meant that we're sending the summer Summit to all club members, not the spring issue as usual. It's been posted now so should be with you before Saturday.

We're also currently working on a completely new members login area, which will make it much easier to see your card online. 

scope on 17 May 2018
In reply to Alex Messenger, BMC:

Thanks for the response Alex. Good to hear.

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