Cheddar Access (reminder).

Cheddar access (again).

Since the issue was raised at the beginning of May, Mark Courtiour, the BMC access rep reports that climbers have been sticking to the access agreement and not climbing at the wrong place or time. Great, but it remains important that we all stick to the agreement particularly over this coming Bank Holiday weekend, if we want to continue to enjoy the much improved summer access. So please, if you’re planning to climb at Cheddar, make sure that you check where and at what times you can climb. Details of these can be found on the RAD -

Mark will also be posting notices around the gorge over the weekend explaining where and when we can climb.

If you see someone climbing where they should not, please politely explain why they should move to climb elsewhere. Please also note that a condition for climbing on the south side of the gorge is that all climbers must have third party liability insurance (you may well be asked to prove that you have this). Probably the easiest way to get such insurance is to join the BMC as it is included in your membership.

For more information about climbing in the gorge, see the BMC website -


Mark Kemball (BMC SW area chair).

In reply to Mark Kemball:


 steve_gibbs 28 May 2021
In reply to Mark Kemball:

A huge thanks to Mark Courtiour for taking the time to put up signs, as I imagine it's a big job scrambling up and down the gullies to the various crags.

I guess the lack of awareness of access agreements might be attributed to countless formerly indoor-only climbers venturing outside during the lockdowns, who might have purchased draws and a rope, but not got as far as purchasing guidebooks, hence may be blissfully unaware of the drama surrounding Cheddar access.

Despite the climbing gyms reopening, I hope they keep climbing outdoors; to enjoy the sunshine and being out in nature.

In reply to Mark Kemball:

A bump for the weekend.

Good climbing everyone!

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In reply to Mark Kemball:

Thanks for the reminder. It shouldn’t be needed but good to. 

In reply to Mark Kemball:

I've just heard from Mark Courtiour (BMC access rep for Cheddar and surrounding area) that over the Bank Holiday weekend and half term week, there were quite large numbers (30 - 40 climbers some days) climbing at Cheddar but people were sticking to the access rules and climbing only where and when it was allowed. Mark only had to speak to a couple of parties who were about to start climbing a little too early. The signs and publicity seem to be working. Thank you everyone.

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