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Cheyne Wears - Portland any Access problems ?

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 tcashmore 06 Jul 2020


  Anyone been lately and are aware of any problems either at the crag (e.g. rockfall) or car parking ?  Thinking of going this week and haven't been for a few years.

Many thanks

In reply to tcashmore:

The car park is shut still although due to open this week apparently. 
people were parking anywhere and everywhere over the weekend and quite a few locals were not happy on the Portland resident pages so just be considerate and accept you might have to park further away than normal. 

there is a few new easy routes added to the right side of the crag too. 

 underitall 06 Jul 2020

Also Top Tip:
Do not park in front of the rocks at the entrance to Cheyne Weares car park. If there's cars parked there during the day, how do you expect the rocks to get moved to open the car park?

 tcashmore 06 Jul 2020
In reply to sam.sam.sam.ferguson:

Thanks for info.  Planning on going on Thursday so hopefully the car park has been opened.  Are the new routes listed online are you aware of ?  

 UKC Forums 06 Jul 2020
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In reply to tcashmore:

All on ukc database. Pretty obvious when at the crag which routes which. 

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.