Colehill quarry access

 RM199 28 Apr 2021
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Have enjoyed this in the past but not been for a while. Had heard there had been issues

anyone been recently and how’s its been?

thanks in advance 

In reply to RM199:

Haven't been since December but was all ok then went quite a few times last year no issues or any signs to show that they might be so.

In reply to robert-hutton:

It’s fine. I was there a few weeks ago and had no bother at all.

 johncook 28 Apr 2021
In reply to RM199:

It all depends on the mood of the land manager. Mostly there are no problems, but occasionally the land manager will turn up and inform climbers that it is banned and there is no access agreement, etc etc. Best just to walk away and not argue, as he would use it as an excuse for greater surveillance. 

There are plenty of other places nearby if he does turn you off!

 RM199 28 Apr 2021
In reply to RM199:

Thanks all for the responses 

had a very pleasant afternoon with no hassles

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