Craig y Forwyn Access Issues

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Craig y Forwyn

Craig y Forwyn Access Issues!

As most folks know, access to this crag is a highly sensitive and for many years was banned. In recent years new owners and some intense negotiations have resulted in a more tolerated access. However there have been justified complaints from neighbours, nearby residents and conservation bodies regarding some climbers' behaviour.

Complaints have been made to both the local council and the police about excess vegetation removal, possible bat roost disturbance, climbers parking and accessing the crag from below, creating an obstruction on the road and in particular of excess noise, shouting and swearing by climbers directly above residential areas.

Please respect the privacy of neighbouring residents and owners,  keep noise down, no groups, do not remove vegetation here and only park at the approved parking at the top of the cliff.

All of the gains and hard work carried out here to regain access will be lost and access for climbing could easily be permanently lost if we do not stricly adhere to the arrangments in the guidebook.

Elfyn Jones

BMC Access & Conservation Officer (Wales)

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.
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