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Dale Quarry, Wirksworth

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 Jane Smith 03 Oct 2020

Dale Quarry, Wirksworth and access to it, is strictly private land. It forms part of the larger Middleton quarry complex where site owner prohibits all access  and climbing activity. Significant recent Increased security activity including patrols with dogs and regular monitoring by police. Trespassers have been given formal police warnings and Issued with fines. 

In reply to Jane Smith:

We’d been interested for you to disclose these new powers the police are using with regards to fines


 Donotello 03 Oct 2020
In reply to Jane Smith:

Good to hear the police have enough time on their hands up there to monitor quarries.

Shame they’re issuing under the table ‘fines’ for civil offences of trespass. Someone might want to look into that. 

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 Graeme Hammond 03 Oct 2020
In reply to Jane Smith:

I can only assume you are related to the owners or the management of the quarry. 

Climbing is often misunderstood and land owners often are concerned about liability on their land. The British Mountaineering Council (BMC) can provide information about this. The following is a link to an article and a PDF with information about this. I'm not sure if this is the latest version but should be a good starting point if this is one of your concerns.


The BMC access team would also be a good point of contact first for dealing with other concerns. Negotiating a way forward is better than just telling people they can't do something.

I suggest emailing office@thebmc.co.uk who will pass your message on to the correct member of staff.

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In reply to Jane Smith:

Hi Jane

I would like to refer you to the excellent response by Graeme Hammond above and ask that you follow this advice. 
I am now going to close this thread.

Alan James, UKC 

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.