Dovestones Edge Bird Ban?

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 pec 25 Apr 2021

Climbed at Dovestones in the Chew Valley today, as we left there was an A4 laminated sheet on a stile on the first fence below the crag nearish to the tunnel exit saying there's a bird ban from March 1st to August 31st. It looked very new and not like one that had been there since a previous year.

We accessed the crag via another stile with no sign and saw no sign of any nesting birds all day. There's no mention on the UKC database (which I looked at last night)

and looking now I can't find any mention of it on the BMC database

I'd quite like to go back soon so is there really a bird ban? 1st of March until 1st August seems a bit OTT for a crag with no history of bird bans I'm aware of.


Edit, just to add that there was a BMC and RSPB logo on the sign.

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 George Frisby 26 Apr 2021
In reply to pec:

Could it be referring to Dovestones Quarry rather than the edge? I know the quarry usually has bird bans in the spring, maybe because of the peregrines. 

In reply to George Frisby:

Unless the Peregrines have moved house up the hill to a residence with a better view 😁, but they're usually only until end of June, Ravens finish earlier, usually end of may, seacliffs (seabirds) often until end of July. Can't think of anything later except 2nd broods and that wouldn't be peregrines or ravens.

In reply to pec:

Have you asked the BMC? It seems odd that this isn't in RAD, and that there weren't signs on all the approaches. Logos are easily copied.

 Andy Reeve 26 Apr 2021
In reply to pec:

Hi pec,

I'm none the wiser about this either, and as you say something doesn't seem to add up. I've just emailed Mark, the Peak access rep for that neck of the woods, to ask him if he knows. I'll report back.

Cheers, Andy

Peak area chair

In reply to pec:

As mentioned above, the sign should relate to Dovestones Quarry. I passed on the restriction info in terms of area and dates covered to the RSPB earlier in the year, but they put the sign(s) up themselves.

The restriction info was from the RAD, which states until 15th July, so the date on the sign is slightly out. 

If you think the sign is not clear that it relates to the quarry let me know - the wording should be similar to what's on the RAD

 pec 26 Apr 2021
In reply to Kim:

Thanks, that sounds likely, I'd never heard of bans on the edge and there was no sign of birds.

Regarding the sign itself. Going to the crag we crossed the fence that contours the slope a few hundred feet below the crag via a stile which is at the very bottom left hand corner of the the quarried area and there was no sign there. When we left we crossed it via the next stile left (looking up hill) about a hundred yards towards the water tunnel and this was where the sign was.

Nobody would sensibly access the quarry via this stile (perhaps nobody would sensibly access the quarry by any stile, but that's another matter ). Perhaps there was a sign on the other stile originally but it's now missing?

The date definitely said until 31st August and I'm almost certain it didn't specifically refer to the quarry, I should have taken a photo but I didn't think at the time.

Anyway, looks like another trip to the edge is permissible, thanks for clearing this up.

 ste_d 26 Apr 2021
In reply to pec:

Yep as others have commented this is most likely to refer to the quarry and not the edge

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