Eavestone Crag

 philh89 25 Apr 2021

I have just been to Eavestone and private property signs have been put up on paths to access all climbing on the South side of the lake (inc. Galleon tower, the Eavestone, the wedge and the lakeside bouldering). 
I have reported this to Mick the BMC area rep so hopefully it can be resolved but might be best to avoid for now. 
Eavestone Crag

 Simon Caldwell 26 Apr 2021
 philh89 26 Apr 2021
In reply to Simon Caldwell:

Hi Simon, 

Seems to be the same issue again, good to know that there have been signs up in the past but climbing has still been tolerated. (I did try to search to see if it had been raised before but didn't find these.)

Possibly the greater number of people out and about recently has brought it to a head again. Hopefully not climbing related and can still go there if done responsibly. 

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In reply to philh89:

I always thought climbing was OK there. The signs were meant to deter the picnicing, bbq, campers, tinnies on an evening... that brimham down the road attracts. 

 salad fingers 28 Apr 2021
In reply to philh89:

It would be good to get a bit of clarity on this. Please update if you hear back from BMC.

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