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Graham Ad - on 06 Nov 2017
Hi All…
The arborists will be in at Harrison’s Rocks during the week 6th – 10th November 2017 to cut the next compartment.
Therefore, we need help with the clearance of arisings on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th November 2017.

Come and put a bit back into climbing, help us with the work needed to keep the crag in good condition.

The plan is to meet in the car park at Harrison’s at 09:30 on each day where there will be a short briefing, explaining where the work is and what needs to be done.

The work will be clearing the arisings from the cutting, moving the trunks to habitat piles or where they are required for revetment work and lining footpaths with the brash.
There will also be other work cutting back Sycamore and birch saplings that have re-grown in areas cut in previous years.

Consequently, there is plenty to be done and a good turnout would be very much appreciated.

Parking is £4 a day at Harrison’s and it would help if you could share transport. The BMC has, in the past, paid for the parking – please retain your ticket and let the person in charge on the day have them after the day’s work so that we can recover the costs.

As in the past, if you have a bowsaw, loppers, pruners etc. please bring them along but there is plenty of work to be done that doesn’t require tools.

Old clothes and boots, gardening gloves and waterproofs if it’s wet. Please don’t wear your best ‘Arcteryx’ gear! Bring a packed lunch and a drink please!

Any questions, please ask but more importantly, please let me know (by PM via my profile) if you are able and willing to help.


Graham Adcock…
SVG Coordinator.
Fraser on 06 Nov 2017
In reply to Graham Ad:
Arisings? Is that. ...things that 'arise' as a result of the felling?

Edit: should have goggled that before posting, it is indeed!

"Definition of arisings. :surplus products or salvageable leftover materials (as in manufacturing)"

The things one learns on UKC. Good luck on the day incidentally.
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Graham Ad - on 08 Nov 2017
In reply to Graham Ad:

I'm just showing off using the word!

I learnt it from the arborists (that was a new one to me back in the day as well - I thought they were arboriculturalists or something like that) when we cut Bull's Hollow back in 2003.

We have a few people to help but could use a few more... Please come out and help - put a bit back into the upkeep of Harrison's Rocks.


This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.