Henhole bird restrictions

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Does anyone know the extent of any bird restrictions at Henhole in The Cheviots this year.  BMC RAD mentions restriction until 30th June, but also says only updated for nesting in 2020.  Also not entirely clear if this would be for whole crag or just one or two buttresses.

Thanks, Robin 

 SteveSBlake 02 Jun 2021
In reply to Robin Mazinke:

Hi, I'm not aware of anyone visiting and commenting on the nesting status. But they have used the location for years and it's likely that they are there. The crag isn't particularly extensive and any activity is likely to disturb them.

If you take the chance and don't mind the walk if you have to bail, then please let us know the outcome. The nearest alternative is the Bizzle a guide for which can be found here:



 brianjcooper 02 Jun 2021
In reply to Robin Mazinke:

See my email.

In reply to SteveSBlake:

Thanks Steve, might go for the walk anyhow, although undecided whether we'd want to take the rope and rack for (another) walk.  Will see what the weather is doing and how arms/skin are after a couple of days on the sandstone.

Cheers, Robin 

In reply to Robin Mazinke:

Hmmm, not much help for you. We did get up there, but on the only day of the trip with any dampness. We couldn't see any sign of nesting on the crag, but shortly after arrival it started drizzling, so we continued on the walk up to The Cheviot and didn't actually climb anything. 

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