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Hoghton Access Update

 Paul Evans 08 Jul 2020

As per the previous post, Hoghton is open from Sat 11th to end of August. The gate now has a combination lock. Details are on the BMC RAD here - https://www.thebmc.co.uk/modules/RAD/View.aspx?id=203 

Under "access and parking".

Please follow the access instructions in the RAD and lock the gate after you, coming and going. 


Paul E

 r0x0r.wolfo 16 Jul 2020
In reply to Paul Evans:

Hi, went here on the 11th, gave Boadicea a good clean, and sawed off a tree or two on the route down. Top half is probably climbable but wasn't able to completely clean the lower third. Mandarin and Rhododendron both looked pretty clean. 

Everything was as described on RAD, got challenged by a local near the gate but after a good explanation they wished us well. 

If anyone climbs Boadicea I'd be interested so I can add some traffic. 


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In reply to r0x0r.wolfo:

Hoping to go tomorrow evening if it stays dry!!  

 petegunn 16 Jul 2020