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Horseshoe - Saturday 18th - volunteers wanted

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 Andy Reeve 14 Jan 2020

Hi everyone,

The BMC has organised a conservation day to repair the very boggy path leading into Horseshoe quarry. Details are on the FB event page:


It would be great to have as many climbers there as possible (many hands make light work and all that).

For those without access to Facebook, here is the event description:

"Volunteers are needed to help with conservation work at the BMC-owned Horseshoe Quarry in the Peak District on Saturday 18 January 2020.

Over the last few years, the access path around the car park boulders at Horseshoe Quarry has gradually been getting more muddy, making the approach after wet weather increasingly unpleasant. The plan for this volunteer work day is to spread limestone aggregate across the wet and muddy areas to improve access and encourage visitors to use the track itself rather than being forced to walk along it’s margins to keep feet dry.

This will be a joint work day between climbers, walkers and the Peak Park Conservation Volunteers so hopefully we can get a good turnout from BMC members and the wider outdoor community to help improve the access to this very popular climbing and walking venue.


Saturday 18 January 2020, meeting for a quick briefing in the car park (grid ref. SK 208 761) before getting stuck in – briefing time to be confirmed but likely to be around 10am.

If you arrive later please find either Rob Dyer (BMC Access & Conservation Officer) or Dave Cramp (PDNPA Conversation Volunteers Officer) before starting work.

What to bring:

- Cake will be provided during the day and we’ll head to a local pub for chips and sandwiches once we’re finished, but you may want to bring a packed lunch too.

- Water or a flask

- Old clothes and sturdy footwear you don’t mind getting dirty

- Warm and wet weather gear depending on the forecast

- If you have any shovels, spades or wheel barrows at home that you can bring along that would be really helpful.

See you all there!"

Cheers, Andy

BMC Peak Area Chair

 CPH 16 Jan 2020
In reply to Andy Reeve:

certainly 5 local climbers coming...

 johncook 16 Jan 2020
In reply to Andy Reeve:

Has anyone been in contact with the outdoor groups that regularly use Horseshoe to make money, and have they replied and volunteered, or even offered to pay for the cake, chips and sandwiches?

 Andy Reeve 17 Jan 2020

Just a reminder that this is tomorrow.

In reply to CPH:

> certainly 5 local climbers coming...

Great! I'll see you there.

I'm reply to johncook:

Indeed, this was brought up at the Peak Area meeting on Wednesday. As this was organised by the BMC access guru, Rob Dyer, I don't know if these groups have been approached, but it is a good suggestion. Rob isn't at work at the moment so he won't be able to answer either. Come along and you might find out 🙂

Cheers, Andy

Peak Area Chair

 johncook 17 Jan 2020
In reply to Andy Reeve:

I was there Wednesday. I am booked already for other stuff Saturday, or I would have come. I never found it a problem to make the long, extremely difficult approach to Horseshoe. Just got on and paddled. I hope the day goes well, the forecast looks reasonable although the mud is almost thigh deep! Post photos of the cake and sandwiches as an incentive for the next volunteer session. 

P.s Horseshoe is not my favourite place. Stuff I am capable of is either very busy or polished. Stuff that is free is usually beyond me, but I do keep trying (partner says I am very trying!).

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In reply to johncook:

 I never found it a problem to make the long, extremely difficult approach to Horseshoe. 

Whymper would have been proud ;-) 

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