Kestrels nesting on the Giggleswick Scars

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 Dave Musgrove 21 Apr 2021

Kestrels have, historically, nested succesfully on both Giggleswick North and South scars without any need for the imposition of formal restrictions. This year, however, perhaps because of the increased usage of these crags during recent weeks due to Covid travel restictions Kestrels appear to have been alarm calling more frequently and caused a complaint from someone on the Settle Golf Course to both the Police and YDNPA that climbers were deliberatly disturbing nesting birds on Gigg South. 

The exact positions of this years nest sites hasn't yet been established but usually in the vicinity of the broken ground above August Groove on Gigg North and left of the Bonhommie area on Gigg South. 

If anyone has more specific info on this year's nests please let me know so that we can ask for a temporary voluntary restriction if very close to existing routes. Once a nest is established and settled Kestrels are normally quite tolerant of climbers on these two sites.  


 Fakey Rocks 14 May 2021
In reply to Dave Musgrove:

Definitley was pretty noisy there on 23 rd april, only just seen this, kind of a woo-wah noise though, repeating every now + then... Kestrels? 

 Dave Musgrove 14 May 2021
In reply to Fakey Rocks:

Thanks for this. Not sure if I've read woo-wah in any field guide describing kestrels. (sounds more like a police siren 😀. However I've been back up on Gigg North today and although it was pretty quiet I did see one kestrel fly out from the vicinity of old nest site well up above August Groove so suspect they are coping OK with the busy climbing season. Unless anyone can confirm a nest actually on a route below the lower-off point I don't think there is much cause for concern.

 Fakey Rocks 15 May 2021
In reply to Dave Musgrove:

The woo-wahs were heard right, or in the vicinity of le secteur Bonhomie. Not kestrels, can't identify what it was though. Possibly Little owl. 

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 Dave Musgrove 15 May 2021
In reply to Fakey Rocks:

Owls are certainly a possibility. They often nest deep in cracks on limestone crags. Though I can't remember seeing them on Gigg South the habitat is good for 4 out of 5 of the British breeding species. Particularly Tawny Owl. 

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