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Franco Cookson on 19 Oct 2017

Climbers and Boulderers have reported that they have been asked to leave Kyloe In this last Sunday.

Woodland Management will sometimes engage in deerstalking in these woods - there will be a sign on site when the stalker is working and Woodland Management will prohibit access to the crag. Please keep out of the woods when this sign is present.

The deerstalker reportedly said that if climbers continue to ignore his sign, he will complain to the forestry management. This could result in loss of access. I appreciate that it might be annoying to drive all the way to Kyloe and then find that you can't climb there, but it is a small compromise in order to maintain good access arrangements at this important NE crag.

We're yet to ascertain how often this is likely to take place.

I've updated the RAD with details.

Thank you,

Franco Cookson

NE Area Rep.

Kyloe-in-the-woods (Kyloe-In)
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Fiona Reid - on 19 Oct 2017
In reply to Franco Cookson:

As an addition to this, please please please be considerate when parking at either Kyloe In or Out.

I've visited Kyloe Out several times over the summer/autumn and often cars are sticking out into road. 99.9% of the time this probably doesn't cause an issue but remember it's working farmland and trucks, harvesters etc needs to get past.

Folks have several times parked their car/van right across the farm gate next to the main pain into Kyloe Out and also on the landowners mowed lawn!!! If the verge parking next to the access path at Kyloe Out is full, there's additional parking past the farm 300m further up the road (towards Kyloe In).

Mark Savage - on 19 Oct 2017
In reply to Franco Cookson:

Thanks for that Franco.
I'm assuming the sign was up if the shooters complained, which begs the question 'What were people thinking when they decided to go to the crag when there was a 'No Access' sign on the gate?'
George Milligan - on 13 Nov 2017
In reply to Franco Cookson:

Hi Franco,
Myself and a friend visited Kyloe In yesterday and were also asked to leave the woods by the gamekeeper, we apologised, packed up and left. We genuinely did not see the sign the gamekeeper referred to at the gate on the way in (neither did a couple who were bouldering at the crag), if we did, both parties would have happily gone elsewhere.
The sign is very easy to miss! I feel this access issue needs a bit of publicity (small news item in UKC perhaps!), so it doesn't become a problem.
As an aside, if the crag is out of bounds for 5 months of the year, the trad routes in particular are going to suffer. Hopefully the restrictions won't be in place every year.



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