Llanddulas cave and escarpment Update

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Access update Feb 2021 

As people may have seen for other threads and on social media, there have been rumours cicrulating of changes to land ownership and possible access issues here. BMC have investigated and the landownership situation is complicated.  The bulk of the area, including the actual cliff faces appears to be under the ownership of Gwrych Castle Preservation Trust, who state that they have not ever given permisson for any public access to their land. Some of this land is also under a historic lease to Natural Resources Wales but its unclear if that lease permits them to manage or allow public access.  BMC understands that there are ongoing discussions between NRW and Gwrych Castle Trust regarding this lease.  The land directly below (literally up to the base of the rockfaces) of the the  Forgotten Sun to Main Cave area appears to be owned by a third party absentee landowner. BMC have not had any contact with this landowner. There are rumours that this parcel of land may have recently changed onwership but contrary to information circulating in the local media, both NRW and Gwrych Castle Trust categorically deny that they have or that they ever intend to buy this land. 

The land bordering the cliffs is on open access land but again it does not seem that the actual rockfaces are within that area.  The whole area is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and it's vital that whatever the status of access might be, that recreational users do not damage the flora or any other special interests of this site - including no vegetation removal, no modification of rockfaces or disturbing nesting birds or roosing bats in the caves. 

The local community have used this area for general walking and recreation, unopposed and without hinderance, for many years and there is a local campaign underway to try to pursue a claim for public rights of way over parts of this land.

In the meantime, if people do encounter any access issues then please contact the BMC and we are still in discusions with all the relevant parties to do what we can to protect access to this venue. 

Elfyn Jones 

BMC Access & Conservation Officer (Wales)

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.
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