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Lorry Park Quarry Access

We were followed in by a man that shouted and stopped us as we entered LPQ. He said we weren’t allowed in as it was private property. He seemed to one of the neighbours. Asked what we were doing and said going climbing, he said it wasn’t allowed. But we kept chatting, being nice and he let us go in, just saying we are not supposed to be there. Another couple got the same treatment. I think he’s just an inquisitive neighbour, but worth being aware and be courteous to keep things smooth. 

 LJH 19 Jul 2020
In reply to Ramon Marin:

Defo try to keep it low key.

Lorry park like most of the other quarries around there were getting about 10 locals per week. This year it's 10 per day. 

Be quiet and peaceful, maybe hint that climbing may stop other stuff being built.. then they may see you as a positive.. happened at staden.

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