/ Marine and Coastal Access and Landowner/climber conflict

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TaylorMade Climbing - on 06 Aug 2012
Hi guys, i'm doing a dissertation on recreational access for climbing. I wanted to try and gauge the success of the Marine and Coastal Access Act in ensuring access for climbing and even provided new access to areas that have not been accessible before this act.
The M & CA Act will 'Introduce new powers to extend recreational access to the English coast and enable the creation of a continuous access route around the English coast.'
Portland's currently the only area where this has been instigated, so has this made a difference to the climbing? I'm not entirely sure why Portland's the only area this has come into effect, but maybe someone knows.
I also wanted to look into landowner/climber conflicts within coastal areas and how planning policy could work towards solving some of these issues. Possibly providing better compensation for landowners, or more effective frameworks for managing these areas, improved infrastructure for climbers.
Any interesting cases that would be of good relevance? Are there any landowners or people with experience of access negotiation on UKC who feel current procedures for designation of land as open access are incorrect and in need of change?

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.