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Nesting Owls - Wilton 1

There's a pair of nesting Barn Owls in the finishing cracks of Bolton Buttress, Graveyard Ordinary and Mary at the Graveyard sector of Wilton 1.

 C Witter 23 Jul 2020
In reply to John Kettle:

How wonderful! Might be worth a visit just to try and spot them.

 SCC Changed 23 Jul 2020
In reply to C Witter:

Echoing these sentiments; it would be great if someone local was able to fix a sign at the start of the routes affected, as not everyone reads these forums.

 Offwidth 24 Jul 2020
In reply to SCC Changed:

I disturbed an owl on the nest at Chatsworth (no one knew it was there until I reported it). The amount of shit it tried to dump on me (luckily it missed) was prodigious.