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Northumberland Access: Berryhill and Goat Crag

 SteveSBlake 13 Jun 2020


Access to Berryhill and Goat Crag can resume.

For Berryhill please don’t park opposite the cottages, that is parking for the residents. Continue 50m down the lane and park on the right in a large pull out next to some old garages.

The farmer at Goat Crag has asked that people do not park at the farm. Parking can be found at the four way junction at the start of the farm track.

A wider point about parking.      If you have been out you can’t help but have noticed many more cars at the crags, a consequence of the need to travel individually.  Please park carefully, don’t block gates or their turning arcs and avoid narrowing roads by parking on both sides. Agricultural vehicles can be huge and need a lot of space.

One crag, Holwerhirst, remains to be resolved. I hope to do that in the next few days and will post it up, along with any restrictions and instructions.

My dealings with the farming community have been greatly helped by the vast majority of you avoiding the sensitive crags. Thank you all for that.

In the event there’s a second spike, we may need to call on the same level of self-discipline; let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

Thanks again,


 Graeme Hammond 13 Jun 2020
In reply to SteveSBlake:

Bit far for a day trip up to Northumberland for me but appreciate reading the access updates and work you have been putting in. Thanks.

In reply to Graeme Hammond:

Thanks for all the access work Steve.

Is it still required to call at the farm and ask for permission to climb at Berryhill? Just wondered if th farmer would stll want this during current health crisis.

 SteveSBlake 17:12 Fri
In reply to StuartinFife:

They didn't ask that folks don't.  I'd knock and stand well back...