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Northumberland: Access Summary

 SteveSBlake 05 Jun 2020

Apologies for the piecemeal release, but I want to get this out prior to the weekend. 

Kyloe In and  Kyloe Out –  access is cleared.

Bowden and Back Bowden -  access is cleared.  This includes the normal approach through the gate and climbing on the Main Wall to Triple Cracks Area.

Shaftoe – access is cleared. Please approach and park at the normal location.

Queens Crag. The farmer has asked that the usual approach track isn’t used until the 1st July. Thereafter he is content for the crag to be approached that way. But, he does not want folks going up to the farmhouse to leave a ‘donation’.   Go directly to the parking.   We will address the donation issue at a later date.

I have yet to resolve:


East Woodburn

Goat Crag


So please avoid these until further notice.