Range West weekday access

 danieleaston 09 Jun 2021

Now that range west is a little easier to climb at, and having done the online presentation, I still dont fully understand when you can climb there. It says some weekdays you can climb and lists examples, like easter and august. Is it also open on the weekdays that there is no firing? So on Tuesday Stack rocks and the path to st Govans is open, does that mean range west is open for briefed and signed in climbers?

 John2 09 Jun 2021
In reply to danieleaston:

Range West is open for all of the month of August, but otherwise it is only open at weekends and on days and evenings when there is no firing.

The road to access it is the road to Stack Rocks, so if that is shown as closed 7.30 am to 4.45 pm you should be able to climb in Range West after 4.45. On Friday 11th June the road is shown as open all day - that probably means that you could climb there all day, though it would be best to phone the guard house to check.

 Andy Manthorpe 10 Jun 2021

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