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Research Project

Abdul Azam 22 Jul 2020


My name is Abdul Azam, and I am a medical student at Hull York Medical School.

I am carrying out a research project about commonalities and trend experienced by those you have attended an appointment with a physiotherapist. The data from this project will be used to try and develop a solution for common problems patients face when seeing a physiotherapist. 

Please find a link below to a questionnaire that I would appreciate you all to fill out. All responses are anonymised


If anyone has any questions, feel free to email me on hyaa37@hyms.ac.uk

 profitofdoom 22 Jul 2020
In reply to Abdul Azam:

Done, good luck with your research

 Doug 23 Jul 2020
In reply to Abdul Azam:

completed but maybe you should look at the structure, there are several questions like "If No, would you have done so if you had received regular reminders and had a tracking system?"

which as I'd answered 'Yes', I didn't answer only to be forced to go back & reply

Good luck