/ Rock removal at Crookrise near Slip n Slide

Alimitch - on 05 May 2018

CrookriseThis may be old news (I haven't been to this part of the crag for a couple of years) but I was upset to see that some large rocks have been excavated from the crag base just right of Slip n Slide, leaving an unpleasant scar. The rock slabs, most of which are about 3 feet across have been piled to form a platform below Detachment Theory, I assume for the laying of bouldering mats. I recommend that if you want to move big rocks around, there is a perfectly good quarry a short distance away at Halton Heights. Maybe you could go the whole hog and chip a few holds while you are at it? Please don't cause any further damage at Crookrise in pursuit of your dream.

Sean_J - on 05 May 2018
In reply to Alimitch:

Somebody should go and move them back

Lusk - on 05 May 2018
In reply to Alimitch:

It's a BMC owned crag, you can do what the hell you like to the place without the fear of retribution.

C Witter on 05 May 2018
In reply to Alimitch:

It seems to be "accepted practice" by many within the bouldering community. I've seen similar elsewhere - moving blocks, chopping down trees, etc. There's acceptable practice, and then there's crossing a line. It'd be hard to draw that line precisely, but I think we know it when we see it. Personally, unless we're talking about a futuristic first ascent, I think you get on with trying to climb something, or you try something else. If someone else has already climbed something, deciding you can't repeat it without first messing around as if you're trying to build your nan a rockery is a bit pathetic.

mrphilipoldham - on 05 May 2018
In reply to Alimitch:

Spotted something similar below Nine Pebble Slab at Froggatt the other day. Made up silver birch logs and mud 'only' thankfully. Thought it was quite clever, if not a little rude. 

Alimitch - on 11 May 2018
In reply to C Witter:

I couldn't agree with you more. I just found it upsetting to see what struck me as vandalism in such a beautiful place. I contacted the BMC but no response yet.

Alimitch - on 11 May 2018
In reply to Sean_J:

I would have done that (I have previously) but these blocks are too big for me to move on my own.