Scugdale Access

 Mike Conlon 14 Oct 2021

The new tenant farmer on the Scugdale Estate is making significant improvements including to gates fences etc. He is quite amenable to climbing and although the actual crags are on Open Access Land, it is in all of our interests to ensure the good relations that currently exist are maintained. A field gate has been replaced at the normal access point but a good stile has been provided. There is a fairly unique permissive arrangement in relation to dogs which allows them to be taken to the crags but kept on leads. If using the field gate to allow dogs access, please take care when using the gate as it is not hung on hinges. The wall by the ladder stile just below the main crag has been reinstated making it necessary to use the stile. Please respect the repairs to the dry stone wall which means "lifting" dogs over the stile. Parking is limited below the crag and anyone using the small parking bay is requested to park nose in so as to maximise the spaces. The farmer has made a couple of requests in respect to parking. If needing to park on the verge on the right before the parking bay, please ensure you are off the road so as to allow tractors with implements to pass. Further up the road on the right is a field gate which is frequently used. There is a space on the verge opposite but this is required for the purposes of pulling into the field and he requests that this is left vacant. Thanking you for your co-operation.

Mike Conlon,

BMC Local Access and Conservation Volunteer.

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