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john horscroft on 20 Mar 2014
Not sure if this has received any coverage so far, but it's absolutely crucial there's a big turnout from the climbing community for this open meeting. We need to leave the PDNPA in no doubt as to just how important Stanage is to all of us. So, this from the PDNPA -

People who love the spectacular Stanage and North Lees landscape near Hathersage are invited to help refresh the vision for the estate.

The Peak District National Park Authority, which owns the 545-hectare estate, is issuing an open invitation to share ideas at a meeting on Saturday March 29, 2pm-5pm in Hathersage Memorial Hall.

The North Lees area, and in particular Stanage Edge, is tremendously popular with walkers, climbers and wildlife watchers. Last September the Authority voted unanimously to retain ownership of the estate as a public asset.

Now the Authority is working with the Stanage Forum, a voluntary group of local people and recreational users, and other interested parties to create a new management plan for the estate, of which the vision will be the first stage.

Mary Bagley, assistant director for enterprise and field services, who lives in Hathersage, said: “We’d encourage anyone who is interested in this beautiful area to come along and get involved in creating a new vision that will guide us over the next 10 years. Help us start this process off by giving us your suggestions.

“This estate is special to millions of people in many different ways – it has a world-class climbing edge, rich natural habitats, a working farm, woodlands, a campsite, historic buildings, archaeological sites and some of the most spectacular views in the UK.

“We want to hear why it is important to people, what issues they think the estate will face over the next 10 years, and how we can work together to sustain the estate environmentally, recreationally and financially to give it the best possible future.”

Hathersage Memorial Hall is in Oddfellows Road, postcode S32 1DU. Refreshments will be available and the meeting will be independently facilitated.

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Had a news item running for a few days already -

With a thread here -

toad - on 20 Mar 2014
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I was really suprised that thread never took off, given the profile Stanage/grit has here

if you can't make the meeting, there's an online survey/consultation there as well


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john horscroft on 20 Mar 2014
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Thanks Alan and Toad. Can't over-emphasise just how important this is. Henry Folkard, Adam Long and I have been banging on at recent meetings of the Stanage forum about how important Stanage is to Sheffield climbers in particular. If we're the only ones who turn up for the meeting, it's egg on face time so……HELP!

deepsoup - on 28 Mar 2014
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This meeting thingamabob is tomorrow, so I think I Friday afternoon bump is in order..
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Hi John,

Unfortunately I won't be able to make it at the weekend, over in Pembroke for a friends Stag Do. Be good to hear how the meeting went at next weeks Peak Area Meeting.


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