Vivian Quarry - Current State?

 Little Rascal 31 May 2021

I wonder if anyone can tell me the current state of affairs at Vivian please?

Are there any changes since the Nov 2020 RAD posting/access ban?

Is the Dervish Slab accessible?



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Following. I'm curious about this myself too. Gin Palace collapsed not so long ago at the same platform, so it's a great question.

 davel 02 Jun 2021
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Daily Post item may be of interest.

in particular the comment by Clare Dutton: "In my opinion, Vivian Quarry is a perfect location for this - being able to close the gates on the divers, they will have the entire quarry to themselves during the game."

In reply to Little Rascal:

I'm not aware of anyone who has tried to gain the Dervish slab since the big rockfall and the council who own the site still have signs in place prohibiting access, as well as some new fencing. Since the big rockfall, there had been a subsequent rockfall affecting and essentially destroying the route Gin Palace, which is right next to the Dervish slab. 

I think any climbing activity here during the normally busy times at the country park would lead to the wardens being informed and then probably they would be compelled to ask those climbers to leave. 

The "sole use" of the diving site only refers to the lower, car park level of the quarry, and is only enforced when the diving site is operating.

Elfyn Jones

BMC Access & Conservation Officer (Wales)

 Little Rascal 02 Jun 2021
In reply to Elfyn Jones BMC Cymru/Wales:

Thanks Elfyn. I suspect that we'll be heading into the mountains with the current forecast, but I wanted to check. Hopefully some day it'll be accessible again...

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