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 rustaldo 05 May 2021

Hello all,

I went cragging at Winspit last night and to my surprise it seems there is a movie/tvseries being filmed down there at the moment .. (the heavies that are turning people away said they had signed NDAs but "it's a disney production and it's sci-fi" was what they could tell us ..)

There have been signs put on the gates as you walk down from Worth Matravers (so you get fair warning) and then as you enter Winspit there is more signage and "bouncers" keeping folk away from the West Quarry area..

I don't recall the exact dates mentioned on the signs, but from memory it's an ongoing thing until ~22nd May..

This is the only area they are using, so Quarryman's Wall and the rest of Winspit is still in play..  

This "restricted" access doesn't seem to have caught anyone's attention on this site (or on the BMC RAD) as yet - so just a heads up if anyone really wants to get on any routes in the West Quarry - now is not the best time!

 Al Randall 05 May 2021
In reply to rustaldo:

UKC at it's best and most useful. Thank you.


 derryclimbs 05 May 2021
In reply to rustaldo:

Well done for flagging this up. Someone posted it on the Dorset Climbing FB page a couple of days ago as well I think.

 jdh90 07 May 2021
In reply to rustaldo:

I saw they are filming Star Wars up on the Lancashire coast.  Matches the genre and corporation, timing seems like too much of a coincidence for it to be another title!

 nikoid 07 May 2021
In reply to rustaldo:

On a few occasions I have been turned away by film crews at various places, and have wondered about the "legality" of restricting access. 

Last year there was a film crew at Wintours, and I was asked to leave in quite a high handed way. I thought about digging my heels in but they said they had the land owners permission which I could only take at face value.  Whether this permission  had granted them sole access was not clear. Access is delicate there so I decided to leave. Annoying though. 

 jon_gill1 08 May 2021
In reply to nikoid:

Wintours or woodcroft? Woodcroft is privately owned whereas Wintours I believe is Gloucestershire wildlife trust so I’d be very surprised for that to be shut?

 jdh90 08 May 2021
In reply to Bob M:

Cheers Bob

Are your research skills able to confirm if Daisy Ridley will be at either venue and if she has a thing for guys who:

Might be able to faff their way up the very lowest grade climbs.


Don't look especially good in beachwear.

Asking for a friend, I think he has both bases covered very well.

 nikoid 08 May 2021
In reply to jon_gill1:

Yes sorry I was using Wintours a bit loosely. The filming was in the quarry. Something for Netflix was all they would say. 

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