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Rick Sewards 05 Jun 2019

Hi all

Firstly, just to let you all know that the access codes has been changed again - the new code can be found via the RAD as before.  As before, if you don't know it and can't access the code when you're there, use one of the other access routes - please do not jeopardise access by attempting to find a way round/through the barrier.  In addition, please make sure the gate is locked behind you - it sometimes itself locks when you close it but not always.

There are now no bird restrictions anywhere on Wintour's Leap - the peregrines didn't nest on Fly Wall this year.

There have been rare but potentially serious occasions of stones being thrown from the Offa's Dyke path into the quarry.  If this happens, immediately make your presence known and if necessary call the police - if you can get photo/video evidence so much the better.

As ever, please be aware that the whole of Wintour's Leap, including the quarry, has very sensitive access - no camping, no fires, and generally behave with sensitivity towards the wildlife (it's a nature reserve), people walking underneath the cliff (there is a public footpath hidden in the trees and buddleia underneath the whole length of the cliff) and people living above the cliff and next to the quarry.



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Mark Kemball 08 Jun 2019
In reply to Rick Sewards:

Have a bump - it is really important to be aware of this (I intend to bump this every few days if no one else does).

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.