/ Wintours leap access, reminder to be sensitive

springfall2008 - on 09 Apr 2019


We were climbing yesterday at Woodcroft Quarry, accessed by the fab new gate (access details on the BMC RAD database, note the gate is further along the path than the previous access).

I must say the land owner has done an excellent job in fencing off the quarry while providing a high quality access gate, all credit to them and the BMC for sorting this out.

While climbing someone started to fly a drone in the area which was very noisy and really not appropriate for a nature reserve. One of the local residents asked the pilot to stop and pointed out that Falcons nest in the area and disturbing them is illegal and subject to a large fine. I'm glad to stay they did stop after being asked.

We did have a chat with the resident afterwards and he explained how they had been subjected to anti-social behavior (mainly from local youths rather than climbers) and that they were pleased with the new gate arrangement which seems to have put off the teenagers.

Anyhow, I just wanted to point out that access to this area is sensitive and that we all need to be careful.

Mark Kemball - on 09 Apr 2019
In reply to springfall2008:

Have a bump - this is important info, please spread to as many Wye Valley climbers as possible.

bpmclimb on 15 Apr 2019
In reply to Mark Kemball:

We were climbing at Woodcroft today - enjoyed using the new gate for the first time .  Unfortunately, at one point some large - sounding stones came crashing down away to our right, vicinity of Still Nice and Sleazy by the sound of it. Our impression was that it wasn’t climbers but people from the top path.