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Wye Valley sport climbing - dangerous practices

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 Rick Sewards 31 Jul 2020

Hi everyone

I've had a report of some really poor and in some cases dangerous actions in Woodcroft Quarry last weekend; I assumed at first it was mainly non-climbers but apparently not unfortunately. These have apparently included large blocks being sent down from the upper tier with very little warning, poor belaying, littering, fires, belongings strewn across narrow access paths, and effectively having what sounds like a party (complete with fire) mixed in with climbing.  I don't know what Wyndcliff Quarry has been like but given it also has easy and accessible sport routes in a relatively confined 2-tier space with oodles of loose rock around I wouldn't be surprised if there have been similar issues there.  

Obviously there has been a lot of pressure on lower-grade sport venues this year, and a lot of people have been climbing outside for the first time.  Many will not be aware of the access sensitivities at Wintour's Leap and Woodcroft Quarry in particular, and it's probable that only a minority will see this post.  Apart from the obvious exhortations, I'd ask if people see actions which are either a potential danger or which could jeopardise access to consider having a word - no need to be confrontational, I imagine most of the problems arise from ignorance.  I may put a further sign up on the gate reinforcing the no fires/ no litter /park thoughtfully message (not on the pavement please!) but they don't always last very long. 



Wye Valley Access Rep

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.